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Service Delivery Tools

My Conscience Guide

This is a poster usually placed on the table of the FP provider. It contains questions that directs the provider towards providing quality and unbiased FP services to the clients.

Learning Document: Modified Clinic Makeover; The Private Sector Experience

This is a document that describes the activities and processes involved in the modified 72-hour clinic makeover. This document also highlights the key learnings and challenges peculiar to the private sector in improving the FP environment.

Methods Timing for providing PPFP services

This is a poster that states the time of use for the different FP methods after delivery, whether the woman is exclusively or partially breastfeeding.

Quality Improvement Approach: Guide for Health Workers

This poster describes the processes and activities involved in providing quality family planning services. It describes the framework in achieving quality FP services. The poster also describes the Quality Improvement process and set up.

Intrauterine Device (IUD) Leaflet

It is a small leaflet that gives a full description of the IUD. It gives details on the effectiveness of the device, the advantages, how the device is inserted, how the works and possible side effects.

Performance Standards for Family Planning Services in Nigerian Hospitals

This handbook was developed to address the quality of care in health facilities in Nigeria. It helps to assess and improve the knowledge of providers, identify and address gaps, thereby improving the quality of FP services.

How to -guide for collecting Commodities from the State Government

This guide describes the process involved in getting commodities from the state government. It also highlights the criteria for collection of the FP commodities.

FP Supportive Supervision self-assessment checklist

This is a user-friendly tool designed to help individual private facility assess her family planning service delivery capacity. The tool is essential for identifying gaps and make informed decisions on how to improve family planning services.

Improving Quality FP Service Delivery within the Private Sector in Lagos State

This document showcases the significance of improving quality FP services within the private sector to increase modern contraceptive uptake amongst post-pregnancy women, which will ultimately result in better health outcomes.

Conducting Step-Down Training. “How-to guide”

Access to adequate FP information is crucial to increasing the uptake of FP services. To ensure proper dissemination of correct information, the how-to guide on step down training was developed. This guide describes the eligibility criteria for a step-down training, the advantages, the process and the resources required.

Approaches for capacity building and providing quality FP services in the private sector

Strengthening Family Planning Services in the Private Sector

FP Short Acting Methods

FP Exclusive Breastfeeding

FP Long Acting Method 1

FP Long Acting Method 2

FP Long and Short Acting Methods