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Research, Monitoring & Evaluation Tools

Facility Progress Report Sheet

This captures facility FP data over a specific period and is aimed at assessing health facilities progress and gaps in highlighted areas such as service uptake, methods mix, referrals for family planning within the facilities. Facilities are also able to leverage the results to inform management decision making and planning.

Family Planning Integration Monthly Summary Form

The Monthly summary form (MSF) summarizes information on the daily planning register monthly.

Family Planning Monitoring Chart

This is a chart that shows the pictorial summary of family planning uptake within the month, it reveals the total number of FP uptake by type of clients (Revisit and New acceptor) monthly.

Using ODK Collect Application

This tool enables facilities capture and report their data independently with minimal or no supervision. It reduces reporting errors and maximize staff time  in completing series of paper-based forms and registers. The open data kit application is designed for electronic-based data capturing, and reporting.

Government resources

Daily Consumption Record (DCR)

The DCR is a form used in collection of FP commodity consumption data, it allows daily record of each quantity of commodity received and issued out by method type.  The DCR facilitate the calculation of reorder quantities as well as the minimum stock quantity at the end of each month.

Requisition, Issue and Report Form (RIRF)

The RIRF is used to request for family planning commodities from the state Government. It is submitted every two months. A completed Daily Consumption Record is required to fill the Requisition, Issue and Report Form.

The Family Planning Register

The Daily Family Planning Register (DFPR) shows the utilization of Family Planning services in a particular month.