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Improved Physical Environment Contributing To FP Uptake Across Facilities

According to the project’s baseline research, evidence suggested that though most women attend clinics for maternal and child health services at facilities with private consulting rooms, most of these facilities did not have designated family planning spaces.

To address this, the PPFP Project adapted the proven-to-work 72-hour clinic makeover approach of NURHI2, for the private sector. The approach upgrades the physical environment of the health facility to improve the provider-client interaction, client experience and satisfaction.

The process involves the minor renovation of the family planning space and provision of basic equipment in line with the performance standards for family planning service provision in Nigerian hospitals, all within three days, based on the need and convenience of the clinic schedule.

So far, the modified 72-hour clinic makeover has been conducted in 110 facilities and has contributed to the availability and delivery of quality family planning services with an overall increase in clientele.

Modified Clinic Makeover: our unique demand generation tool

I am Dr. Akinkunmi Olukayode, the Medical Director of Life Fount Medical and Diagnostics Centre Ltd. I graduated from medical school twenty-three years ago and I have been in private practice for fourteen years.


Modified Clinic Makeover: our unique demand generation tool

I will say partnership with PPFP started about three years ago and it has been a win-win relationship. A mutually beneficial relationship.

Before the PPFP project came, we did not have a designated space for FP. We provided one for the project and they set it up for us. The project provided us with tools, equipment, and furniture for a standard FP room.

The environment became so conducive for clients, and as a result they always want to come around. The necessary tools and charts were around, and all in one place, that was a plus. The makeover has really improved our family planning uptake and even changed the way people view family planning services.

When clients come around, they are assured of being in a good environment and getting the best of services. Our clients have been satisfied with the services and the environment compared to what we used to have before when there was no designated space for FP.

We will ensure that the room is not misused and is constantly being used for FP. We are committed to maintaining it in order to avoid any form of deterioration.

Before the makeover

During makeover

After the makeover

Partnership that truly works

My name is Dr. Adeleye Bamidele, the Medical Director of Country Home Hospital, one of PPFP supported facility, and I have been a Family Planning provider for 10 years.


Partnership that truly works

Awareness for FP has been poor, nothing to show prospective clients, except via words of mouth, but now things are different. Partnership with the PPFP Project has brought a lot of positive changes and impact to our facility.

They made this office for us, there used to be nothing here. They brought all these chairs, equipment and a lot of materials that has aided us in providing FP services. There is also a stand (magazine rack) at the reception filled with materials which most of our patients pick materials from while seated there.

We also distribute some of these materials during our outreach. People are not accessing FP because of the misconceptions but these materials have helped us to correct the misconceptions and also increase their knowledge on FP.

Now we have a beautified and decent office where privacy is guaranteed, and all family planning materials are available so that clients can make an informed choice. We also now have more awareness about provision of family planning in general, and more people now come in for counselling and method uptake.

I used to be the only FP provider in the hospital so when I am not around, no family planning, but PPFP trained three of my staff in providing services, in record keeping and quality improvement and now about four of my staff can provide FP.

Front page of “Stay Beautiful” flier

Front page of “Stay Beautiful” flier

The facelift that transformed our patronage

I am Adeniyan Victoria Adetutu, the Director of Divine Favour Maternity and the family planning officer of the facility.


The facelift that transformed our patronage

We started with PPFP when the project trained me and my staff on the modern FP methods, counselling and record keeping ensuring we document everything we do; not documented, not done, as the project officers usually say.

One interesting thing the PPFP Project has done is the make over and face lifting of the facility and I give them a great applause for that. This face lift has given more patronage to my hospital.

When people have adequate information about what they want, it enhances understanding and reduces the misconceptions surrounding such. When people come to the clinic, they ask, ‘mama, what rack is this? It is really attractive, so they pick something from the rack to read and this gives them further understanding on what the PPFP is all about. Also, we use the fliers given to us for our outreaches. It has been awesome, wonderful, and interesting.

My staff and I also received skillful training on FP services and that has enhanced our value as FP providers.Before partnership with the PPFP project, I was already getting commodities from the Local Government but PPFP came and fostered the relationship. Working with the PPFP Project has really increased the client flow for FP, the project has brought an eye opener to people concerning FP.

Before the Makeover

During the Makeover

After the Makeover

Other Modified 72-hour clinic makeover pictures

Before the makeover at Ancel hospital proposed FP room

After the makeover