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Facilities Stepping Up The FP Game

An important component of increasing access to FP services is ensuring the availability of a wide range of contraceptive methods at the health facilities to address specific FP needs and preferences.

A baseline study conducted by the project revealed that one in ten facilities reported the availability of seven or more methods, whilst one-quarter of the facilities (22.5%) reported having only 1-3 contraceptive methods as at the time of the survey. 42.4% also reported providing FP related health talks within their communities. According to routine data on demand generation activities, about 70% of the facilities now champion the provision of FP Talks during MCH clinics.

A Medical Directo’s relentless commitment to PPFP project

I am Dr. Alabi Richard, a UK trained medical doctor. I am also the medical director of De-Nikky hospital.


A MD’s relentless commitment to PPFP project

I have always believed in FP; however, post pregnancy family planning is new and different. Here in De-Nikky hospital, we have been providing FP services before now, but the response to and demand for FP have always been slow which caused commodities to waste. Culture and religion have always been a barrier.

Now, the demand and provision of FP services have improved compared to what it used to be, more people are now aware of FP, even all the staff in the hospital are now involved. Also, commodities no longer waste, and there is an obvious change in individual belief regarding FP, as people now accept FP more and culture is no more a barrier.

I am in love with the project, and that is why I support it and give my time to it. I will make sure it does not all end when PPFP leaves. We will continue awareness and motivate people to accept FP and pick up a method, teach more people about what we have learnt about FP through PPFP with the use of the various PPFP materials and also come up with our own materials. We will also engage new staff that come into the facility and plan seminars and trainings just like how PPFP has done. When they leave, we will continue the good work, so it does not die.I will say PPFP is a good project that has come at a good time. It is a project I am so proud of.

“I will say I can attribute this change to PPFP’s Intervention and the strategies they adopted. For example, the trainings and even the mobilization activities during our antenatal and immunization clinics have really helped.”

Dr Alabi, MD De-Nikky Hospital Alimosho LGA (wearing the PPFP tee-shirt) attending to prospective a FP client

We recorded our most successful family planning outreach since inception

One of the project’s supported facility, Emmanuelle Clinic, located in Alimosho LGA intiated and conducted an outreach which resulted in the highest number of recorded FP method uptake so far.


We recorded our most successful family planning outreach since inception

My name is Dr Oluwagbemi Olukemi, the medical director of Emmanuelle clinic. The uptake of FP at Emmanuelle Clinic has been low despite all efforts. It has been difficult getting clients to take up FP methods, but we were determined to engage women and have them make informed FP choices at all cost.

In order to achieve this, we planned a resourceful outreach aimed at reaching women with quality FP information and services with technical assistance provided by the project.The strategy changed this time around compared to previous outreaches; a canopy and stage were set to attract community people and create awareness. As an incentive, there were free FP services, health checks and antenatal registration for pregnant women especially because it was an antenatal day.

Unlike the outreach conducted last year with no method uptake, this outreach saw 8 women pick up a FP method (6 long acting and 2 short acting). Two men were counseled and picked up condoms. Five women informed by the satisfied FP user from the outreach later came into the facility after the outreach to pick up FP methods (3 long acting and 2 short acting).I feel fulfilled seeing the number of people that were reached and made informed FP decision.

PPFP SMC conducting one-on-one mobilization and enlightening clients at the outreach

How I became an FP Champion through in-clinic orientation on routine health talk

I am Ebunoluwa Oyedipe, a receptionist at Modupeoluwa Maternity Home in Ore Meji Area of Agege, in Lagos state. I am a 44year-old widow with 4 Children.


How I became a FP Champion through in-clinic orientation on routine health talk

I was not interested in knowing anything about FP However, after attending an organized orientation on routine health talks and provision of adequate information on FP methods in my facility, I started engaging constantly with the PPFP’s SMC and our facility’s trained FP provider to know more.

Now, I have developed great interest in encouraging women and couples that come to the clinic to use any choice FP methods, at least an estimate of 5 people daily. Now, I have become intentional about speaking to every client that cares to listen, developed keen interest in speaking to couples and I am more passionate about male involvement

I have become an advocate even outside the facility; a couple close to me had issues with taking up modern FP method due to spousal consent, I intervened, and he understood the benefits more. I was glad when the couple later picked up a FP method as a result of my intervention

Mrs Ebunoluwa with a client’s spouse who has decided to support his wife in adopting a FP method

An encounter with the PPFP project transformed my facility and I

I am Mr. Adeola Olusola,  I am the administrative manager at AB10 Specialist Hospital.


Encounter with the PPFP project transformed my facility and I

Prior to now, I was the one coordinating ANC clinics but I did not know about any FP method except the one inserted into the vagina and the condom. I have been encountering pregnant women but had not been deliberately discussing FP with them.

In AB10 Specialist Hospital we did not have an FP room, but everything was lumped. I got to know more about other FP methods by attending the FP provider in-house sensitization and also through the FP fliers displayed on the rack which the PPFP project provided to our facility.

Now, I give FP talk during ANC, one on one counseling with clients and I will further refer to the FP provider for balanced counseling. The FP shirt (Do you know?) creates a lot of awareness of FP, the patient will ask me,  “what is do you know- please tell us!” and then we start to discuss about FP.PPFP project has modified our system on the positive side and AB10 has gained a lot, we now have necessary equipment and up-to-date information.

AB10 now has high uptake. Personally, I now design FP leaflet for the clinic with the knowledge I got from PPFP FP fliers (CBS methods, Stay Beautiful, Am Supportive).

Mr Adeola Olusola with a few of PPFP’s SBC materials

One of the designed fliers by Mr Olusola of AB10 hospital