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Empowered Health Service Providers

Research shows that health service providers are key determinants to the provision of quality Family Planning (FP) services in health facilities.

According to a formative research conducted by the PPFP project in Lagos State Nigeria across selected private health facilities in 2018, only 42% of the providers had received a form of in-service FP training and less than 25% have had any form of refresher training.

To address these gaps, the PPFP project tailored the training on family planning services to meet the needs of the private sector health providers, with a refresher training for State trainers on the inclusion of post-pregnancy family planning in the training modules.


I am Mrs. Maureen Dedeibe, a registered mid-wife nurse of Graceland Hospital, Ojo LGA with over 20 years of work experience within the Private Sector.


No More Limitation – My Story

With over 20 years of work experience in the private sector, I have never been trained on the insertion and removal of Implant (A Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive Method). Over time I have felt limited in carrying out my assigned duties as a mid-wife nurse.

I was privileged to attend a 5-day intensive training on Long Acting Reversible Contraceptive Methods conducted by the Post Pregnancy Family Planning Project (PPFP), and today, I am happy, my capacity has been built, and I did not keep the impacted knowledge and skill acquired to myself. Now that I have undergone the training, I am able to step down unto others, because here, we have x6 mid-wives, and about 3 registered nurses. I want every one of them to be conversant so that at any point, even when I am not available, someone else can.

The PPFP team visited her at the private health facility she works and met her conducting a step-down training to her colleague within the same department.


I am Grace Umeileka, a 37-year-old registered mid-wife nurse with over 10 years’ work experience within the private sector.


A Dream Came True – My story

FP is something I have been dreaming of as a mid-wife. I was not opportune to practice it, because of the private facilities where I have worked. Also, I have never been opportuned to undergo any form of training on Family Planning. So, when the Post Pregnancy Family Planning (PPFP) came with up with this, I was so happy.

My facility has not been into FP, because of religious issues. My Medical Director is a Catholic, but I am not. But being a medical practitioner, he realized the importance of FP and reasoned with PPFP that it was worth exploring.

After being trained by PPFP, clients started coming because the mobilizers that normally come around to talk to our women helped to make this a reality. I cannot forget a time when PPFP also came and conducted a whole site meeting, where even the security and cleaners were part of it and if you ask them, they will also tell you more about FP.

This change that happened to me and my facility is very important because FP helps. Aside from planning yourself financially, you are also catering for your emotional, social and psychological health.  Today, my dream about becoming a FP provider has come to reality, that we will stand here, and client will come, saying I need IUCD, I need Implant, I say, it is a straightforward journey that gives joy.

Miss Grace at her duty post, the renovated room for family planning services

Miss Grace providing FP services to clients

Miss Grace providing FP services to clients


My name is Umudu Clementina, a registered nurse at Isalu hospital, Ikeja LGA, Lagos State.


Now I know and do better – My Story

Before, I did not know all the Family planning methods; I have not been trained before. It was only the little theoretical methods of FP that was taught in the Nursing School. Before, clients do not know much about FP in the clinic, clients were not bold to discuss with FP provider on their choice of methods and as a FP provider and I don’t introduce my clients to any method when they are pregnant, deliver their baby or during immunization. No proper documentation.

PPFP helped me to build confidence and develop my passion. Every mother that delivers in the clinic now will receive one- on-one balanced counseling before she is discharged. I am glad some of them pick up a method immediately while some will choose their choice of methods and come back to pick up their preferred method. Families are now happier than before. I have gained a lot in documentation.

PPFP trainings, follow up and technical assistance, FP handbook, SBCC Materials and FP tools have really made a great difference.

I have confidence in myself and am also happy that my facility appreciated my impact, especially after receiving an award of excellence from PPFP as the FP Super Provider in December 2019 and later on, Champion of Quality Improvement in Isalu Hospital..

Umudu Clementina, receiving an award of excellence from PPFP project

Umudu Clementina, receiving an award of excellence from PPFP project